About Tab Lab

Tab Lab is an open platform to easily find, write, and collaborate on music. In time, we hope to make it a definitive repository of written music on the internet. Like a wiki, every piece of music on this site is editable by our users and every edit is tracked in our versioning system.

Built on a model of communal contributions, Tab Lab is a tool largely maintained by its users. The project began as an experimental side project in 2012, and officially launched to the public on February 7, 2015. As Tab Lab grows, it expands and stregthens its surrounding community of musicians, students, and teachers. Neither a for-profit business nor a non-profit organization (although, this may change in the future), Tab Lab is an experiment.

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Tab Lab uses Open Source software:

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Want to contribute to Tab Lab's development?

If you've got some familiarity with Rails based web apps, JavaScript, or front end development drop us a line. Be warned: we don't make any money on this and it isn't a paying gig.