Support Tab Lab

Tab Lab is built upon the premise that anyone can make it better. We encourage the public to shape the future of this site through its content.

Because we are not a business, Tab Lab also relies on your generosity to help keep it afloat. The cost of maintaining and operating a website is not sustainable long-term without a community to support it. That's where you come in.

Ways that you can help

  • Make a financial contribution. Tab Lab relies soley on donated time and money to keep the app running and to cover the monthy operating costs of ~$50.00.
  • Sign up to add your own songs or help keep our current collection up-to-date and accurate
  • Find our mistakes. While using the site, if you experience something that you think isn't quite right, let us know.
  • Contact us to help build Tab Lab's future. We are specifically looking for people who have knowlege of Rails application development.

Want to contribute to Tab Lab's development?

If you've got some familiarity with Rails based web apps, JavaScript, or front end development drop us a line. Be warned: we don't make any money on this and it isn't a paying gig.